Prophecies to


Arizona’s Native American Tribes


by Kay Winters


March 2010


For the Lord says, “In this hour I am raising up Native American warriors that shall execute vengeance upon the powers of darkness that cover and curse the land.  For as my warriors band together as one, they shall be given arrows dipped in My blood that shall find their mark and break the curse upon the land.  Indeed, the unity of the Spirit among you shall not only lift the curse from the land, but also be the key to revival.  Therefore, seek out and bless your fellow Native American brother and sister, for they are My hidden treasure.”




For the Lord says to the Dine’ people, the Navajo, “I am well pleased with your resilience against the enemy. For there is a righteous remnant that cries continually in My ear with travailing intercession before My throne, for in your prayers you have not forgotten your brother the Hopi.  Know in this hour that I am raising a prophet up in your midst that is of both Navajo and Hopi blood, and he will be given the authority on both lands to break the power of the one known as Kachina.  Many shall travel far and wide to the high desert plateaus and red rock mesas of your land to participate in a healing revival that shall cause My name to be known throughout the world.  For though you were driven from Fort Defiance on a journey of death, you have chosen the path of forgiveness, that shall heal the wounds of the past and bring healing to the nations.”




For the Lord says, “Although you are two separate tribes, I am conjoining you together as one for My purposes in the earth.  For though one resides on top of the canyon called “Grand” and the other on its base, you shall be as one voice in this hour.   For I have given you both a trumpet that shall declare My word.  As the trumpet sounds, it will resonate and permeate every crevice, mesa, gorge, and cliff and cause the land to begin to shake.  The Hualapai will release My word from the canyon top and it shall fall like rain.  The Havasupai shall trumpet My word from the canyon’s base, and it shall travel down the Colorado River and reach its designated end.  For many from afar come to behold the beauty of My creation, only to find a canyon dedicated to a pantheon of false gods, and defiled by a host of darkness that mocks My name.  Surely the day is quickly approaching when the sound of the trumpet shall cause the land to vomit out a habitation of darkness, and My glory shall be revealed.”




For the Lord says, “The United States and Mexico are spiritually intertwined as hands that are joined together.  Although geo-political boundaries dictate the separation of these two lands, know that there is no separation in the spirit.  For darkness extends across the border due to the practice of ancient pagan rituals, that have enabled the ascension of enthroned principalities.  Nevertheless, I have given My people, the Tohono O’odham, who reside on either side of this border, authority in both lands.   Know that I shall use you to unlock the hands of darkness that have been interlocked to form an alliance of wickedness.  Although these principalities have camouflaged themselves like a chameleon to secure the high places, I will dethrone and expose them.  Indeed, the one who rules at Baboquivari as Elder brother shall no longer counterfeit and mock My love, for I will show Myself as the true Elder brother to My people, the Tohono O’odham.”  




For the Lord says, “I have given you the gift of war. I have put within you, as I did My servant King David, a desire to execute vengeance upon the enemies of My glory.  As the last Indian nation to surrender, many have known you as the enemy.  However, even as Geronimo in his quest to find freedom refused to surrender, know that the Spirit of the Lord shall bring you true freedom in a new and powerful way.


For the Lord says, “Upon the Superstition Mountains a medicine wheel thunders in the atmosphere and extends in all four directions.  Furiously and continuously spinning for centuries unhindered, the wheel continues to draw, connect and empower vendors of darkness and divination. But in this hour, I will rend the heavens and come down and the “wheel within the wheel” shall break the power of the medicine wheel and lift the shroud of death that defiles the land.” (Ezekiel 1:16).



The Native American Curse


The blood of Native Americans cries out from the ground of all fifty states. Centuries ago settlers were sent with an apostolic mandate to establish our one nation under God.  Our Creator never intended for the original inhabitants of the land to be crushed in order to fulfill His purposes.  Nevertheless, a lust for land, gold, and power corrupted many settlers and as a result cost the lives of millions of Native Americans.


·                    Conservative historians indicate that 12-15 million Native Americans were butchered, which is a over twice the number murdered during the holocaust.

·                    Biological warfare-smallpox caused the disappearance of complete tribes forever.

·                    Over 300 treaties were broken.

·                    The forced sterilization of Native American women was a form of genocide.

·                    Indian children were separated from their families and placed in boarding schools to become like white children.  There are hundreds of documented cases of sexual and physical abuse in the boarding schools. 

·                    America’s first slaves were not African, as many Natives Americans were sold into slavery and shipped to the West Indies.

·                    Alcoholism affects 75% of Indian households.

·                    The American Indian average life expectancy is 40.9 for men and 46 years for women.

·                    Today the suicide rate for American Indians is five times higher than any other ethnic group.

·                    Teen suicide on reservations is three times higher than the national average.

·                    The school dropout rate is three times higher than the national average.

·                    The infant mortality is two times higher than the national average.



Prayer of Repentance to Native Americans


“Forgive us for the cruel and merciless acts of genocide and barbarism, even done in the name of God and country.  Forgive us for inflicting these horrible injustices upon you that have not only yielded a harvest of hopelessness, addiction and grief, but also robbed generations of life and blessing.  Forgive us for not walking together as brothers.”


“May Native America come forth like Lazarus.  Where death and grief have reigned, may the resurrection power of the cross bring life and joy.  May Native America awaken to its destiny and come forth in the might of the Holy Spirit.  May they that were last become forerunners in leading our nation into revival and a spiritual harvest, in Jesus’ name, Amen.”